#TRENDING 8/12/20: Last Blockbuster Being Rented Out on Airbnb for $4/Night

The Last Blockbuster in the World Is Being Rented Out on Airbnb for $4 a Night

This is like an eight-year-old's dream . . . if they were living in 1992. The last Blockbuster store in the world is in Bend, Oregon. And next month, three families will get to stay there OVERNIGHT, and watch as many movies as they want.

The owners are basically renting it out for FREE on Airbnb for three nights next month. They're only charging $4 a night, which is the same price they charge to rent one movie. (Here's the Airbnb listing.)

They turned part of the store into a '90s living room with a NON-widescreen TV . . . VCR . . . bean bag chair . . . and pull-out couch, plus candy and snacks. They'll also be disinfecting the whole store after each family checks out. (Here's a photo.)

You have to live in the area, and there's no word if they plan to open it up to more people later on.

Sandi Harding has been the manager since 2004. She says the only reason they're still in business is because the community goes out of its way to keep renting movies from them. So they wanted to do something fun to say thanks.

One thing you CAN do is call for movie recommendations. Netflix has algorithms, so they launched a jokey ad campaign this year for "Blockbuster CALLgorithms."

You literally just call the store . . . tell a real person what kind of movies you like . . . and they suggest stuff, just like back in the day. (Their number is 541-385-9111.)

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