How Prepared Are You Really for an Emergency?

How Prepared Are You for an Emergency?

Texas and Louisiana havebeen bracing for double-barrel hurricanes this week. Luckily, Marco weakened before it hit, but Laura could be worse. So how prepared are YOU for an emergency?

A surveypolled people in America's 25 biggest cities and found we're not as prepared as we could be. Here's what it found . . .

1. You probably have enough food, but not enough water. 8 in 10 people have enough canned goods to last three days. But 40% don't have three days' worth of water.

2. Only 16% have access to a generator.

3. 81% would have no way to communicate if cell service went down.

4. Just 26% have an agreed-upon meet-up place if the family gets separated.

5. 47% of us don't have an emergency evacuation kit or go-bag ready.

6. 89% DO think they'd be able to get their pets out in time if they had to evacuate.

7. The most-prepared cities overall are Houston, Miami, and Tampa. Probably because they deal with a lot of hurricanes. The least-prepared are Rochester, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Phoenix. 

(Value Penguin)

Originally posted on August 25th, 2020

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