#TRENDING 9/17/20: There's Such a Thing as a "Flirting Face"

There's Such a Thing as a "Flirting Face" . . . And Pretty Much Every Guy Can Spot It

If you're ever trying to flirt with a guy and wondering if he's picking up the signs . . . he definitely is.

According to a new study out of the University of Kansas, there's such a thing as a "flirting face" women make. And the researchers found pretty much EVERY guy can spot it.

Here's how they describe the flirting face:

. . . Your head is turned to one side and tilted down slightly.

. . . You have a slight smile.

. . . And your eyes are locked on the person you're flirting with.

All of that may or may not be something you do intentionally . . . but whether or not you realize you're making the flirting face, guys will pick up on it. 

(Study Finds)

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