Trendiest Delivery Foods of the Year

The 10 Trendiest Delivery Foods of the Year Are Deeply Unhealthy and Delicious

Last year, Grubhub released its annual list of the "trendiest" delivery foods of the year, based on the biggest jump in popularity from the previous year. And there were a lot of plant-based foods on that list.

This year? Ain't nobody eating anything plant-based.

Grubhub just released its list of the 10 delivery foods that had the biggest jump in popularity this year, and they're basically all comfort foods. Which fits for 2020.

The top 10 are: Spicy chicken sandwich . . . chicken burrito bowl . . . chicken wings . . . waffle fries . . . cold brew coffee . . . steak quesadilla . . . iced latte . . . fish and chips . . . strawberry shake . . . and roast beef sandwich.

Grubhub also says their biggest single-food order of the year was someone ordering 300 bean burritos. The runner-up was someone ordering 250 tacos. (Huffington Post/Grubhub)

(Here's a mapwith every state's most popular food.)

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