TREVOR D MINI MORNING SHOW 1/05/21: In 2021 We Need To Stop Liking....

QUESTION DU JOUR: In 2021 Stop Pretending To Like....

#TRENDING: A Woman Figures Out Her Resume Wasn't Working Because of an Unfortunate Autocorrect

BETCHA DIDN'T KNOW: Animals Not Affected By Snake and Scorpion Bites

TUESDAY MORNING MORON AWARD: A Guy Says His Big Bags of Drugs Are Just Ingredients to Bake a Cake

A LITTLE BIT OF THAT GOOD NEWS: Vaccine Proposal, Lottery Win, and High-School Sweethearts Reunite

ONE MORE THING: Pickle Doritos Are Now Something You Can Voluntarily Choose to Eat

Originally Aired: Tuesday, January 5th, 2021

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