TREVOR D MINI MORNING SHOW: Random Things I Think About

Random Things I Think About Thursday

#TRENDING: Can Money Buy Happiness? A New Study Says Yes

BETCHA DIDN'T KNOW: Where the Phrase "Close But No Cigar" Comes From

THURSDAY MORNING MORON AWARD: A Suspect Hides from the Cops in a Random Apartment and Pretends to Live There by Shaving and Cooking

Good News: A Guy Hit the Lottery the Same Day He Got Dumped, and Donations Pour in for a Restaurant Worker, & More

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Was "It Was A Good Day" Inspired by a Real Day for Ice Cube?

ONE MORE THING: Feeling Lonely? An Expert Says an Imaginary Friend Might Help

Originally Aired: Thursday, January 21st, 2021

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