VIDOE DU JOUR: Four Funny Dog Videos, and One Cat Clip

Four Funny Dog Videos, and One Cat Clip

It's our job to scour the web for animal videos that are worth checking out. Here are four great dog videos and one cat clip.

This one is a mom trying to teach her baby to say "mama." The kid can't do it, but the family's Rottweiler can. (Search Viral Hog for "Doggy Helps Teach Baby How To Say Mom.")

Here's a dog walking down the sidewalk with its tail in its mouth. (It was posted January 25th on

How about a Golden Retriever practicing his "mean face" in front of a mirror? (It was posted January 26th on

Here's a cat lying upside down and spread-eagle on a couch . . . with its head hanging over the edge. (Search Viral Hog for "Cat Being Weird On The Couch.")

Originally posted on January 29th, 2021

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