#TRENDING 2/01/21: Things to Look Forward to in February

Four Things to Look Forward to in February

It's February 1st. Here are four things to look forward to this month . . .

1. In sports: Super Bowl 55between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers is this Sunday. And the Daytona 500is February 14th.

2. On TV: The new "Silence of the Lambs" spinoff "Clarice" hits CBS next Thursday. "The Simpsons", "Bob's Burgers", and "Family Guy" all return next Sunday after their midseason break. "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" returns the same day. And Peacock's "Punky Brewster" reboot lands on February 25th.

3. Awards seasongets going this month with the Golden Globe nominees coming on Wednesday. Then the ceremony is set for February 28th.

4. And finally, the holidays: The big one is Valentine's Day on the 14th. But we've also got Groundhog Day tomorrow . . . Chinese New Year on the 12th . . . Presidents' Day on the 15th . . . Mardi Gras on the 16th . . . Ash Wednesday on the 17th . . . the Jewish holiday Purim on the 25th . . . and the entire month of February is Black History Month.

And a few fun but lesser-known holidays include: Ice Cream for Breakfast Day this Saturday . . . National Pizza Day on the 9th . . . National Guitar Day on the 11th . . . National Drink Wine Day on the 18th . . . and National Margarita Day on the 22nd.

Originally posted on February 1st, 2021

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