#TRENDING 2/11/21: How Much 1 Year in Quarantine Has Aged Your Relationship

Here's How Much One Year in Quarantine Has Aged Your Relationship

This has NOT been a normal year for couples. So if you feel like your relationship has grown and changed a lot since the pandemic started . . . it probably has.

Groupon hired a mathematician from Cambridge University in the U.K. to calculate what one year of quarantining together would translate to in normal couple years, and the answer is . . . it's the same as being together FOUR regular years.

That's right: If you've been together for two years now, it's actually more like FIVE years since you spent one of those together in quarantine.

59% of couples say the pandemic has been the ultimate test of their relationship . . . and they haven't been on a date in an average of five-and-a-half months.

But in spite of all that, 81% say they're looking forward to Valentine's Day. (Barron's)

(You can use this online calculatorto determine just how much your unique relationship has aged during the pandemic.)

Originally posted on February 11th, 2021

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