#TRENDING 2/24/21: "Chance of Rain" Doesn't Mean What You Thought It Means

Ready to Have Your Mind Blown? "Chance of Rain" in the Forecast Doesn't Mean What You've Always Thought It Means

There's a TikTok videogoing viral right now from a woman who said she just found out the "chance of rain" in a weather forecast doesn't mean what we have always thought it means.

30% does NOT mean there's a 30% chance it's going to rain. 

That 30% is based on what the chances that it's going to rain are multiplied by the percentage of the area that will get the rain.

So "50%" in the forecast doesn't mean there's a 50-50 chance it will rain. It means there's a chance rain will happen in the area, multiplied by how much of the area will probably get that rain.

So if a meteorologist is 50% sure there will be rain that will cover 80% of the local area, that would come out as . . . 40% on the weather forecast. 


(Stupid News) - "Chance of Rain" Do

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