#TRENDING 4/08/21: Something You Did A Teenager Today Wouldn't Understand?

What's Something You Used to Do That a Teenager Today Wouldn't Be Able to Understand?

Right now, people on Reddit are sharing things they used to do that teenagers today wouldn't be able to understand. Here are some great ones . . .

1. "Recording songs from the radio using a tape recorder."

2. "Spending 15 minutes untwisting a phone cord."

3. "Cleaning the mouse ball."

4. "Calling a phone number and having to ask if the person was there."

5. "Getting off the phone so someone else could use the Internet."

6. "Calling a phone number to get the time."

7. "Loving the smell of mimeograph papers."

8. "Stopping at a gas station to ask for directions."

9. "Turning to channel three to play a video game."

10. "Watching the scrambled Playboy Channel." 


Originally posted on April 8th, 2021

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