#TRENDING 4/12/21: Monday Is Our Least Favorite Day of the Week

Monday Is Our Least Favorite Day of the Week, and It's Not Even Close

Someone asked over 4,000 Americans to name their LEAST favorite day of the week. And yeah . . . it's Monday in a landslide.

Around one in three people said they DON'T have a "least favorite" day. But here are the results for the people who did vote . . .

1. Monday. 59% of people who have a least favorite day said it's Monday.

2. Tuesday, 13%.

3. Sunday, 9%.

4. Wednesday, 6%.

5. Friday, 5%.

6. Saturday, 5%.

7. Thursday, only 3% of the vote.

The same survey also flipped the question around and asked people to name their FAVORITE day of the week. Saturday is #1, followed by Friday and Sunday. Just under 6% said Monday is their favorite day. 


Originally posted on April 12th, 2021

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