#TRENDING 4/13/21: Here Are the Laziest Days of the Year

Here Are the Laziest Days of the Year . . . In 2020, Today Was Number One

A career website called Zippia just analyzed the LAZIEST days of the year from 2020 . . . and they found that last year, April 13th was number one.

Now . . . it was the day after Easter last year, so that probably had something to do with it. But still, if you feel like being lazy today, there's precedent.

The rankings are based on how many people were searching for things like "no motivation to work" and "no desire to work." And all of the top five laziest days last year were Mondays.

Number one was April 13th, the day after Easter . . . number two was July 6th, the Monday after 4th of July . . . number three was June 22nd, the Monday after Father's Day . . . and numbers four and five were two random Mondays, June 8th and July 27th.

The laziest months of the year overall were August, October, September, July, and November. The least lazy were March, February, January, December, and April. 


(Here's a chartof the laziest months and a chartof laziness by day.)

Originally posted on April 13th, 2021

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