MORON AWARD: Guy Doesn't go To Work For 15 Years & Still Gets Paid

A Guy Is Under Investigation After Skipping Out on Work But Still Getting Paid . . . For 15 Years

There's a good chance this guy's going to jail . . . but what a ride.

A guy in Catanzaro, Italy is under investigation for skipping work but still getting paid. For 15 YEARS.

The guy was working at a government hospital, and back in 2005, he just stopped going. And he may've threatened his boss to keep her from filing a report against him.

She never said anything . . . and then she retired. And the person who replaced her never noticed there was this guy on the payroll collecting checks without showing up for more than a decade.

The guy wound up getting around $650,000 over the 15 years.

Someone FINALLY noticed this year . . . and now the police are looking at him for fraud and extortion. 


Originally posted on April 22nd, 2021

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