#TRENDING 4/23/21:Where Can You Sunbathe Nude in the U.S. Including ND & MN

Where Can You Sunbathe Nude in the U.S.? A New Guide Has a Breakdown of All 50 States

A bathing suit company called Pour Moi just released a new guide to topless and nude sunbathing in the U.S., where they broke down the rules in all 50 states.

They found there are four states where basically all public nudity is off the table: Utah, Indiana, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

There are another 11 states where some nudity is probably okay, but still might get you into trouble, so you've got to be careful.

For example, Maryland, quote, "The laws are unclear regarding toplessness, however a popular beach in Baltimore has banned females from going topless and a federal judge upheld the ban in 2020."

And in the other 35 states, the laws can range from "designated nudist areas" to "pretty much anything goes." 

(Pour Moi/Fox News

(Here's a mapto guide you, and here's the specific breakdownfor every state.)

Originally posted on April 23rd, 2021

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