MORON AWARD: Driver Hoards Gas, Gets in a High Speed Chase, & Catches Fire

A Driver Hoards Gas, Gets in a High Speed Chase, and Catches Fire

28-year-old Jessica Patterson was out driving near the town of Pickens in South Carolina last week . . . when she caught the attention of the police, because the plates on her car had been reported stolen.

Jessica freaked when she saw the cops . . . and started leading them on a high-speed chase. That was not a smart move, especially since she had "several containers" of hoarded gas in the trunk.

At some point during the chase, Jessica lost control . . . ran off the road . . . and FLIPPED. The car caught fire, and "multiple explosions were heard inside." Jessica was able to get out, despite being ON FIRE.

The police put out the flames and got her to a hospital. She was badly burned, but survived. It's not clear what kind of charges she's facing yet.  

(The State)

(Here's videoof the burned car.)

Originally posted on May 17th, 2021

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