#TRENDING 5/21/21: Half of Us Judge People for How They Like Steak Cooked

Half of Us Judge People for How They Like Their Steak Cooked

No matter how you like your steak cooked, other people will JUDGE you for it: A new study found HALF of us judge people who don't like their steak cooked the way we like it cooked. And 53% claim they'd even DUMP someone over it.

Medium and medium-rare tied for the most popular way to cook a steak. Each got about a third of the vote.

Rare is next at 15% . . . then medium-well, 11% . . . and well done, 10%. So people who like their steak burnt to a crisp are the most likely to be judged for it.

People in the Northeast are the MOST judgmental about it. People out West are the least likely to judge.

Northeasterners also eat the most steak . . . around 16 ounces a month. In the South, it's 13 ounces . . . out West, 11 ounces . . . and in the Midwest, 10 ounces a month.

Midwesterners are the most likely to want to be on the grill though. 73% said they like to handle the cooking at a barbecue. That's about 15 points higher than everywhere else. 


Originally posted on May 21st, 2021

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