MORON AWARD: Guy Named "Florida" Busted in Florida After Ridiculous Crimes

A Guy Named "Florida" Was Busted in Florida After a Ridiculous Crime Spree

We see a ton of "Florida Man" stories, but this might be the first one where the guy is a Florida Man in more ways than one: Some Moron went on a ridiculous crime spree near Tampa early Sunday morning.

His full name is Lawrence Franklin King Florida. So it happened in Florida . . . and his last NAME is also "Florida." He looks like he's in his late 20s. And in the course of one night, he broke into at least seven different businesses.

First, he got into a seafood restaurant and stole all the White Claws from their fridge . . . before throwing them in a retention pond out back.

After that, he went to a barbershop a few blocks away and stole a set of clippers . . . then broke into ANOTHER barbershop nearby and stole five more sets of clippers.

Once he had enough of those, he broke into a carpet store and then a café, where he took $800 in cash. He also broke into a vet's office, and then a separate business called Little Cat Rescue, where he stole a bunch of pain meds meant for animals.

He finally went home around 5:30 in the morning. But before he was done, he stole his neighbor's Ring camera off their door. So they got an alert about it and called the cops.

He eventually admitted to breaking into all of the businesses, and walked cops through how he did it. He's facing multiple charges. 


(Here's his mugshot.)

Originally posted on June 1st, 2021

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