#TRENDING 6/07/21: What's Something Perfectly Legal That Should Be Illegal?

What's Something Perfectly Legal That Should Be Illegal?

If you could make one of these two things ILLEGAL, which would you choose: Robocalls . . . or junk mail. Tough choice, right? Someone online asked for the worst things that are LEGAL. And those were two big ones people agreed with.

There were also some serious answers, like kid beauty pageants, healthcare costs, and for-profit prisons. But here are a few more not-so-serious suggestions . . .

1. TV shows with smoke detectors going off.

2. Subscriptions or services that auto-renew, or are too hard to cancel. Like having to go to the gym just to cancel your membership.

3. Food companies basing calorie counts around small serving sizes. Like ramen noodles, where one pack istwo servings.

4. College professors who make you buy an $80 textbook that THEY wrote.

5. The size of the "X" button on pop-up ads. There should be a minimum size, so it's not so hard to click.

6. Socks that fit an insanely wide range of feet, like size 6 to 12. 


Originally posted on June 7th, 2021

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