MORON AWARD: Guy Tried to Post Bail with Counterfeit Bills

A Guy Tried to Post Bail with Counterfeit Bills

We felt bad for this guy at first, because he wasn't even involved in the initial crime here. But by the end, he deserved to get arrested for MORE than one reason . . .

Cops in Waterboro, Maine responded to a report of a stolen vehicle on Sunday. And they stopped a guy who was walking nearby, because they thought he was involved.

It turned out he wasn't. But there WAS a warrant out for his arrest, because he'd been caught shoplifting from Walmart.

So they took him to jail and booked him, and then let him post $200 in bail to get out.

But . . . he tried to post bail with COUNTERFEIT bills.

He handed them two $100 bills that weren't real, so they tacked on a forgery charge and took him back to his cell.

He paid another $100 in bail to get out later that day . . . apparently with REAL money that time. He's due in court August 4th. 

(Portland Press Herald)

Originally posted on June 30th, 2021

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