MORON AWARD: Guy Stole Candles, Might Be Looking at 30 to 35 Felonies

A Guy Stole Candles . . . and Might Be Looking at 30 to 35 Felonies

On Saturday afternoon, a guy was wandering through a Bath and Body Works store in a Miami-area mall, when he decided he was going to steal some candles.

He started shoving them into his bag, and when the people around him noticed, he executed a fairly extreme getaway plan:

He started spraying everyone in the face with bear mace . . . and I mean EVERYONE. Police say he sprayed 35 people, including the store manager, and more than a dozen staff members. 

Then, he booked it out of the mall . . . hopped in a taxi . . . and drove off. At least one victim was hospitalized, but everyone should be okay.

A police spokesperson said that when he's caught, he's looking at several armed robbery and aggravated battery charges . . . and that could end up being "30 to 35 felonies." They didn't say which scents the thief got away with. 

(NBC 2/Miami Herald)

Originally posted on July 19th, 2021

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