#TRENDING 7/20/21: Foods That Boost Your Mood

There's a List of Foods That Boost Your Mood . . . and Bacon Is Only #18?

A recent study looked into the foods that people think make them FEEL BETTER, and . . . I know this is going to come as a shock . . . but almost ALL of them are NOT healthy.

Milk chocolate is the #1 food people think has mood-boosting powers . . . followed closely by DARK chocolate.

Coffee is next, followed by ice cream, chocolate cookies, cake, bananas, tea, berries, pizza, beer, red wine, fries, cheese, and "sweets."

"Nuts and seeds" is next at #16, followed by "oily fish" like salmon.

Bacon finally pops up at #18, and then "potato chips and other savory snacks," and cookies.


Originally posted on July 20th, 2021

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