#TRENDING 7/28/21: Career That Sounds Cool . . . But Actually Sucks?

What's a Career That Sounds Cool . . . But Actually Sucks?

There's a list of jobs that's going viral because they SOUND like they'd be cool . . . but people who work those jobs say they're NOT what you'd expect.

Here are a few highlights:

1. Video Game Developer and "Anything in Film" . . . You're overworked and underpaid, and you don't get any credit unless you're one of the few big-shots.

2. Veterinarian . . . You think it's caring for cute animals, but it's stressed owners, "soul-sucking" treatment decisions, and sick / dying creatures all day long.

3. Nursing, especially an ER nurse . . . You're caring for people, but the level of horror, negativity, and mental exhaustion is underappreciated.

4. Flight attendant . . . It was glamorized in the past, and there are perks, but you're basically a server who cleans toilets and sometimes gets verbally abused.

5. Chef . . . Like a lot of gigs, your passion can get weighed down by very long hours, and needing to rely on people who are not as passionate about their jobs.

6. Seafaring  . . It's a lot of long voyages, with virtually no internet, no doctors, bad weather, and you're away from family and friends.

7. Teaching . . . You can make an impact, but there's also parents to deal with, along with low-pay, lack of resources, a lot of after-hours work, and the fact that no matter how hard you try, some kids or teens just won't care.

(Buzzfeed.comhas the whole list.)

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