#TRENDING 7/30/21: An Athlete Used a Condom to Win Gold

Olympic Quick Hits: An Athlete Used a Condom to Win Gold

1. Those condoms they give Olympic athletes have never come in handier than they did for Australian kayaker JESSICA FOX. The nose of Jess's kayak got damaged, and she had to repair it with something called a carbon finish.

But she needed something to hold the mixture in place . . . so they used one of the condoms. Jess won the Gold.

2. Paris is already hyping the 2024 games . . . with a logo that looks like a Karen.

3. 18-year-oldSUNI LEE became the fifth straight U.S. gymnast to win the all-around individual titleSIMONE BILES won it last time.

4. San Marino just became the smallest country to win an Olympic medal. They're a European nation of 34,000, and they got a Bronzein women's trap shooting.

5. Check out a list of the 45 funniest memesfrom the Tokyo Games.

Originally posted on July 30th, 2021

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