MORON AWARD: Naked Woman Drove a Golf Cart . . . Through an Armed Standoff

A Naked Woman Drove a Golf Cart . . . Through an Armed Standoff

 Authorities working an ARMED STANDOFF are usually looking for creative ways to diffuse a tense situation . . . but THIS hasn't been tried before.

On Sunday morning, cops near Tampa, Florida were in the middle of a standoff with an armed teenager on a rooftop.

Then, a 28-year-old woman named Jessica Smith drove right through the middle of everything . . . in a golf cart . . . completely NAKED. And it was a total coincidence. She had nothing to do with the standoff, and had no reason to be there.

The cops initially tried to shoo her away so they could focus on the standoff . . . but she refused, and continued to joy ride around the area.

She was eventually arrested, and charged with resisting an officer. And not surprisingly, she was drunk.

As for the standoff, 18-year-old Myles Abbott was arrestedafter six hours, which included him firing a gun. He didn't hit anyone else . . . but he did shoot himself in the right thigh. It's unclear if he was aware of the naked woman. 


(Here's Jessica's mugshot, and here's the onefor Myles.)

Originally posted on September 8th, 2021

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