#TRENDING 9/08/21:Young People Complain About Things Better "Back in Day"

Young People Are Complaining About Things That Were Better "Back in the Day"

Someone on Reddit asked people to name things that used to be great but SUCK now. And a lot of modern-day stuff made the list . . .

1. Dating sites. Most of them moved to the swipe-right model, and they're even more focused on pictures now. So it's tough unless you're gorgeous.

2. YouTube. Everything has ads. Some even play in the middle of videos now.

3. Online recipes. Food bloggers haveto worry about SEO stuff now. So you always have to scroll to the bottom of a long story to find to the actual recipe and ingredients.

4. Facebook. For a few years, it was about reconnecting with friends. Now it's just photos of your friends' kids, and people arguing about politics.

5. Thrift stores. They got trendy, so everything's picked through and overpriced.

6. Buying your first home. It used to be fun and exciting. Now everything's outside your budget, and you're competing with 20 other people.

7. Flying. The seats are smaller, the food is worse, the fees are higher, and the passengers are unpredictable. 


Originally posted on September 8th, 2021

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