MORON AWARD: Man Faces Charges Stealing Fish Sticks from Kindergarten Class

A Man Is Facing Charges After Stealing Fish Sticks from a Kindergarten Class

A 44-year-old thief in Germany broke into a kindergarten classroom back in April, and stole a strange assortment of things, including: A laptop, picture books, cups and glasses, some fish sticks, and pasta.

He also took a smart speaker for playing children's stories, and THAT was his downfall.

A month or so after the break-in, he downloaded new stories onto that device . . . and it revealed his location to the manufacturers, who passed it along to the police. It's incredible that the speaker did him in and not the laptop.

The guy is now in custody and is facing charges, although the specifics haven't been released.

The smart speaker has been returned to the classroom . . . and it sounds like the kids are thrilled to have it back. It doesn't sound like they got their fish sticks and pasta back though. 


Originally posted on September 22nd, 2021

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