#TRENDING 9/23/21: Really Dumb Things You Blow Money On

Top 5 Really Dumb Things You Blow Money On

Reddit users sounded off over what they consider a waste of money. 

Anything for dogs shaped like a bone. Dogs lick genitals, sniff buttholes and eat poop. They don't care about aesthetics.

Bowling shirts. The only things you need to bowl are shoes and low self-esteem.

A tailfin on your car. It's a 2007 Sentra. Not the Batmobile. Besides, it already turns heads with that garbage bag where the side window used to be.

Plates. C'mon, Hot Pockets already come in a sleeve. What more do you want?

A neon beer sign for the mancave. Nobody thinks your garage is a bar. And they already know you like beer because of the way your belly hangs over your jorts.

Soy sauce. You can get little packets of it for free anywhere they serve fine Chinese food. And also, Panda Express.

Razors with four or more blades. Sorry, but if a hair remains on your face after you shave with a three-blade razor, it earned the right to stay there.

Air freshener. All it does is make anyone who gets in your car wonder what you did in there that was so awful you tried to mask it with "Rainforest Mist".

Originally posted on September 23rd, 2021

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