MORON AWARD: Driver Parked Stolen Car in a Place Reserved for Police

A Driver Parked a Stolen Car at Walmart . . . in a Place Reserved for Police

A man in Tulsa, Oklahoma drove to a Walmart on Saturday night, and parked in the FIRE LANE.

Some cops saw it, and asked him to move. He did . . . and then he parked in a spot that was reserved for POLICE. There was a sign posted and everything.

So the cops looked up the plates, and discovered that the car was reported STOLEN. They arrested the driver for fraud . . . and his passenger had fentanyl on her, so she was taken into custody too.

In addition to the drugs, she also gave the police a fake name . . . and had an outstanding warrant out for her arrest.

(Fox 23/KTUL)

Originally posted on December 14th, 2021

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