#TRENDING 12/16/21: Having Guests for the Holidays? You Better Clean!

Having Guests for the Holidays? You Better Clean! Here Are the Top Things They'll Judge You For

If you're having guests for the holidays, you better clean. If not, prepare to be JUDGED. 72% of people say they feel pressured to clean their home if they're having guests over for the holidays.

Someone polled people to find the messy spots we're most likely to judge people for not cleaning. Here are the top ten . . .

1. A dirty toilet. So if you only clean one thing, make it the commode.

2. If your kitchen is a total disaster.

3. A trashcan or recycling bin that's overflowing.

4. Bathrooms that are dirty in general.

5. A gross shower or bathtub.

6. General clutter.

7. Sticky floors.

8. Other surfaces that are gross, like tables and countertops.

9. Dirty dishes in the sink.

10. A general pet smell in your home. 


Originally posted on December 16th, 2021

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