#TRENDING 12/21/21: Most Kids Only Use a Maximum of This Many Toys

Most Kids Only Use a Maximum of 20 Toys, so More Is Overkill

Just cite this stat to your kids when you get them NOTHING for Christmas. I'm sure they'll understand: A new study found most children only play with a maximum of 20 toys. Any more than that is overkill.

It only looked at kids between three and 12 years old. Once they're older than that, they're mostly just playing video games.

80% of kids under 13 only play with 20 of the toys they have, or less. That includes 44% who only use five to ten . . . and 15% who play with less than five of their toys. (Another way to look at it is, if you buy your kids five toys for Christmas, maybe five of their old toys could go to Goodwill, so other kids can use them.)

Originally posted on December 17th, 2021

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