#TRENDING: Adults Plan To Get It On At Their Parent's House Over Christmas

Majority Of Adults Plan To Have Sex In Their Parents’ Home Over The Holidays

December 22, 2021

    A lot of folks will be spending Christmas in their childhood homes this weekend, and while that may sound anything but romantic, apparently that’s not stopping couples from getting frisky.

    A new survey finds:

    • Two-thirds of folks say holiday travel makes it difficult to find time to be intimate, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try.
    • 70% of adults say they plan to have sex in either their childhood home or parents’ house over the holidays.
    • But 67% say even as an adult they feel uncomfortable doing so.
    • Regardless of the difficulties, holiday sex is something folks look forward to.
    • In fact, 77% of people say holiday sex is more magical than non-holiday sex.
    • 67% say they are more likely to spice things up in the bedroom over the holidays.
    • 69% say they are also more likely to sneak in a quickie.
    • Unfortunately, 52% say they have less sex with their partner during the holidays.
    • So, what is keeping folks from having sex during the holidays?
    • The top things include:
      • Being too busy spending time with family and friends (67%)
      • Stress (60%)
      • Not getting enough sleep (57%)
    • But there are some that plan to take at least one step to combat that.
    • 63% of those surveyed say they are likely to give their partner a sex-themed gift this holiday season.
    • 72% say being given such a gift would increase their libido and make them excited to us it. 

    Source: SWNS Digital

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