#TRENDING 1/19/22: Need a Mental Health Day? Don't Take It on a Wednesday

Need a Mental Health Day? Don't Take It on a Wednesday

More people are embracing "mental health days." That's when you take a sick day because you're stressed or overworked, not necessarily "sick."

So which day of the week is the BEST day for a mental health break? The answer is whenever you need one. But if you can plan ahead, Wednesdays might NOT be the best day for it.

"Huffington Post" recently did a write-up on how Wednesdays are tempting, because it breaks up the week. But here are two reasons why it might not be the best choice . . .

1. Wednesdays usually aren't the most relaxing day to take off. You'll be coming down from work on Tuesday, and you'll end up stressing about having to be back at work on Thursday. So it won't end up feeling like a real, full day off.

2. People you work with are more likely to notice and ask questions. When you take a day off in the middle of the week, people want to know why. So you'll either have to deflect, or be honest and admit you're struggling a little bit right now.

According to the experts, Mondays and Fridays are usually better. That way, you get a three-day weekend to truly relax.

It's also more of a social norm to take a long weekend. So you're less likely to be fielding questions from coworkers, or your boss.  

(Huff Post)

Originally posted on January 19th, 2022

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