MORON AWARD:Man Broke Into School to Get Something Teacher Took 40 YearsAgo

A Man Broke Into a School . . . to Reclaim Something That His Teacher Took From Him 40 Years Ago?

Did you ever have a teacher confiscate something . . . and NOT get it back?

That reportedly happened to some guy in Japan, and he decided to concoct an elaborate scheme to get it back. And it involved him and his girlfriend breaking into the school while the place was closed for winter vacation.

It's unclear what the contraband was, but it MUST have been worth something because . . . get this . . . the guy is 63 years old, and his girlfriend is 58. Yes, this thing had been confiscated MORE THAN 40 YEARS AGO.

The mission was not a success. There was an employee at the school, who overheard them and called the police. The cops arrested them for trespassing. Not surprisingly, both the guy and the girlfriend were intoxicated.

You may be wondering: Where did he expect to find this item? It wouldn't have spent the past 40 years in the same desk drawer. That's unclear. But he did tell police he was also looking in some files for the teacher's contact information.


Originally posted on January 21st, 2022

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