#TRENDING 1/21/22: Amazon Is Opening Its Own Department Store

Amazon Is Opening Its Own Department Store . . . Inside a Real Life Mall?

Amazon is opening their first department store inside a real life mall.  It's called Amazon Style, and it'll open sometime later this year.

Now, there aren't many malls left . . . thanks to, you know, Amazon . . . but they found one in Glendale, just outside of Los Angeles. It'll be next to a Nordstrom, an Urban Outfitters, a J. Crew, and an H&M . . . and incredibly, there's even a JCPenney across the street.

Amazon has opened other kinds of physical locations in the past . . . book stores and convenience stores . . . and they've had lukewarm success with it.

This one may fare better. In-store purchases still make up more than 85% of retail sales, and of all things, clothes are probably the most difficult to buy online, because you want to try them on, and it's also easier to browse clothes in person.

The shopping experience will utilize a lot of tech . . . with QR codes and touch-screens . . . but similar technology is already being used at other high-end retailers, like Nike. (CNN/KTLA/About Amazon) (Here's a promo video.)

Originally posted on January 21st, 2022

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