#TRENDING 1/24/22:Woman Almost Missed Email About a $3 Million Win, Because

A Woman Almost Missed an Email About a $3 Million Lottery Win, Because It Went to Spam

If you looked in your email spam right now, you probably have a message about how you've won money . . . or are entitled to something . . . because they're just waiting for some FOOL to believe it.

Well, a woman in Michigan named Laura Spears was looking through her spam folder for a missing email from a friend . . . and she came across a notification that she'd won the lottery. And it was . . . LEGIT. But it wasn't totally random.

Laura had purchased a Mega Millions ticket on the Michigan Lottery website for a drawing three weeks ago. She matched five numbers to win $1 million . . . AND she had the "Megaplier" to multiply her prize by three.

She did something smart though. She didn't click anything in the email . . . she logged onto her Michigan Lottery account to see if it was the real deal. It was, and she claimed her prize at the Lottery headquarters last week.

Laura said she's since added the Michigan Lottery to her "safe senders list" . . . I guess, for the next time she wins the lottery.

(CNN/MI Lottery Connect)

Originally posted on January 24th, 2022

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