MORON AWARD: Home Depot Employee Caught Swapping $400,000 with Counterfeit

A Home Depot Employee Got Caught Swapping $400,000 with Counterfeit Money He Bought on Amazon



A Home Depot employee in Tempe, Arizona has admitted to swapping out nearly $400,000 in REAL money with fake bills that he bought on Amazon.


His name is Adrian Pineda, and he was a vault associate at the store . . . meaning that he was in charge of counting the money and taking it to the bank. But over the past four years, he's been swapping in counterfeit money.


Adrian bought the fake money on Amazon. A pack of 100 fake $100 bills costs about $9.00. He bought more than 3,700 fake $100's . . . in 22 orders over the past few years . . . totaling $371,000 in fake money.


Obviously, the bank wasn't fooled . . . the serial number on the bills actually said "PLAY MONEY." It's unclear how long they were onto him, but Home Depot has video of him making the swap 16 times.


Adrian was arrested last week. He admitted to stealing the money, and he has agreed to pay it all back. He's also looking at up to 20 years in prison. 


(CNN / Fox 10 Phoenix / Secret Service)

Originally posted on February 7th, 2022

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