#TRENDING 2/07/22: Guy Bought 264 Lottery Tickets . . . All Winners?

A Guy Bought 264 Lottery Tickets . . . and They Were All Winners?


Is this some sort of upper-level lottery tactic I'm not aware of . . . or just REALLY dumb luck? A guy in Charlottesville, Virginia named Jalen Taylor decided to buy over 250 lottery tickets . . . and every single one was a winner.  (???)


Back in November, he bought 104 "Pick 3" tickets for a single drawing, and used the same three numbers on every ticket . . . 9-6-0. Then those numbers hit the $500 jackpot. So he won it 104 times for a total of $52,000.


But this part's even crazier: Last month, he decided to go for it again . . . bought 160 tickets with the numbers 5-4-2 . . . and won a SECOND time. He walked with 80 grand that time, for a total of $132,000. He says he just "had a feeling" about those two sets of numbers, so he went all in. 


(Here's a photo of him with his giant check.)

Originally posted on February 7th, 2022

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