#TRENDING 2/09/22: You've Been Buttering Bread Wrong Your Whole Life

You've Been Buttering Bread Wrong Your Whole Life


An etiquette expert on YouTube claims we've all been buttering bread wrong our entire life. "Wrong" as in you're doing it like an uncultured peasant.


He says taking a piece of bread and buttering the whole thing at once is WRONG. The right way to do it involves a four-step process . . .


Step One: Take a piece of bread or a bread roll, and put it on your plate.


Step Two: Use a knife to put a small amount of butter on your plate that's just for you. You shouldn't take it from the dish and put it directly on your bread . . . that's disgusting.


Step Three: Take your piece of bread and break it up into smaller, bite-sized pieces with your hands. Somehow, manhandling your bread more is "correct" etiquette.  


Step Four: Butter each bite-sized piece individually before you eat it. Never butter them all at once.


He claims that's the classy way to do it. Now you know. 


(Mirror)  (Here's the video.)

Originally posted on February 9th, 2022

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