#TRENDING 2/11/22: Most Popular Game Day Foods in Each State

37% of Men Gain Weight Watching Football . . . and the Most Popular Game Day Foods in Each State


This just in: Sitting on your couch for hours on end while eating snacks and drinking beer is NOT an effective way to keep your body in shape.


In a recent survey, 37% of men say they gain weight during the football season . . . and over half of them gain over 10 pounds. And Super Bowl Sunday is probably the MOST indulgent football day.  


So what's the centerpiece of our Super Bowl parties this weekend? There's some new Google Trends data on which foods are especially popular in each state . . . and six states are all about buffalo chicken dip, while four others prefer 7-layer dip.


Chili is popular in three states . . . as is charcuterie and birria tacos.


Some of the more unique Super Bowl party picks include: Nebraska being really into the Arabic yogurt dish labneh . . . Washington D.C. liking to down mochi . . . Delaware going for prawn toast . . . Colorado drooling over a "chia seed coconut milk dessert" . . . and Texas going soft by holding out for chocolate chip cookies.


(Here's the Google Trends map.)

Originally posted on February 11th, 2022

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