TREVOR D MINI MORNING SHOW: What Does One Do For A Dog's Birthday?

QUESTION DU JOUR: What Does One Do For A Dog's Birthday?

#TRENDING: A Man Accidentally Ate a Cadbury Creme Egg That May Have Been Worth $13,000

BETCHA DIDN'T KNOW: How Much Time Does Your Car Spend Parked?

FRIDAY MORNING MORON AWARD: A Man Was Arrested for Using a Seagull as a Weapon

8 O'CLOCK TALK: A Major Poll Found Americans Are More Stressed Than Ever

FAN GIRL FRIDAY: Gettin' Crazy For Morgan Wallen Tickets

ONE MORE THING: Hidden Valley Made a Diamond Out of Ranch Dressing, and It's for Sale on eBay

Originally Aired: Friday, March 11th, 2022

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