MORON AWARD: Thieves Stole $5,000 Worth of Gas from Under a Gas Station

Thieves Stole $5,000 Worth of Gas from Under a Gas Station . . . Using a Minivan with a Trap Door



Thieves in Houston decided to siphon gas from the SOURCE . . . the gas STATION. And they didn't even bother messing around with the pump. They stole the gas out from under the station . . . literally.


They drove up in a green minivan . . . stopped over the caps to the underground tanks . . . opened a TRAP DOOR in the floor of the vehicle . . . broke into the tank . . . put a hose down . . . and siphoned the gas out.


 They did this THREE separate times last week, and tried to do it a fourth time, but they were chased off by the owner. He claims they've stolen over 1,000 gallons of diesel, which has cost him about $5,000.


The thieves are still on the run . . . and since they've gone to the trouble to customize their vehicle from a soccer mom ride to an "Ocean's 11"-style heist machine capable of carrying hundreds of gallons of diesel . . . it seems likely that they'll attempt to hit other gas stations.


( has surveillance footage of the van at the gas station.)

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