Grand Forks Epic K-Mart Prank

A Guy Is Begging Pranksters to Remove the Giant Kmart "K" They Put in His Front Lawn 

    A couple of pranksters in North Dakota wanted to do something to the lawn of a local pastor named Paul Knight. But rather than 'teepeeing' him, they left a GIANT Kmart "K" in his front lawn.


    It's from a local store that went out of business. The site is being redeveloped, so it sounds like it was left to be scrapped. The pranksters somehow transported it to Paul's house . . . and then INSTALLED IT so that it could stand up, using wooden supports, and then securing it with ropes that were tied to trees.


    It's unclear exactly how big it is, but in footage online, it looks at least 10 feet tall. And apparently, people have been coming by to take SELFIES in front of it.


    Paul didn't know who left the Kmart "K" at his house, so he went on the local news and asked that the pranksters take it back at their convenience. He added, "My wife hopes it's gone by June."


    In the news report, they say that the two people responsible called the station and asked that they not use their names. It sounds like they're taking care of it. 


    (Grand Forks Herald)


    (Here's a photo.)

    Originally posted on March 16th, 2022

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