#TRENDING 3/22/22: Best Jobs for People Who Love to Talk

The Best Jobs for People Who Love to Talk



The career website Zippia.com ranked the best jobs for people who love to hear themselves TALK. Here's what they say . . .


1. Fitness instructor. Like your spin instructor who yells to keep you motivated.

2. Telemarketer. Those jobs don't always pay well though, so you've REALLY gotta love talking to people.

3. Counselor or psychologist. Isn't it mostly listening to other people's problems though?

4. Professor. That one has the highest average salary on the list. According to Zippia, professors at big universities make $140,000 a year.

5. News anchor. So, radio host might be included with that one.


A few more that ranked high are motivational speaker, hair stylist, and interpreter.  (I am surprised "influencer" or "YouTuber" didn't make the list. Especially since that's the #1 job kids want now.)



Originally posted on March 22nd, 2022

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