MORON AWARD: Inmate Burned a Hole in a Jail Window Using Hemorrhoid Cream

An Inmate Burned a Hole in a Jail Window Using Hemorrhoid Cream


This is some MacGyver-level crime right here: Last month, inmates at a jail in Wichita, Kansas got caught smuggling drugs in through a hole they'd somehow made in a reinforced plastic window.


Officials weren't sure how they managed it, but now they know. One of the inmates softened the plastic up using HEMORRHOID cream.


He agreed to tell them how he did it if they moved him to a different prison. So they haven't revealed his name.


He said he smeared the window with hemorrhoid cream, then took a lighter to it for three-and-a-half hours to soften the plastic up.


Once it was soft enough, he used a drain pipe from a sink to punch a hole through the window. Then they made a rope out of torn fabric . . . pushed it through the hole . . . had someone outside tie it to a sock filled with contraband . . . and pulled it back in. 


Obviously the inmates are in trouble. But the biggest revelation was that a 22-year-old prison guard caught them in the act and didn't say anything. So now he's facing jailtime himself. 



Originally posted on August 4th, 2022

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