#TRENDING 8/09/22: The Right Amount of Time to Spend Relaxing Is . . .

The Right Amount of Time to Spend Relaxing Is . . . 42%


You know what's relaxing? Calculating tricky percentages to make sure you're relaxing right.


There have been several studies on how much of your time you should spend resting and relaxing versus doing non-relaxing stuff. That non-relaxing stuff includes work, commuting, taking care of kids, errands, and housework.


And the consensus is . . . 42% of your time should go toward resting. Your body and mind NEED at least that much time off to help you recharge and to avoid burning out.


That's just a tiny bit over 10 hours a day. So if you sleep eight hours a day, that leaves you two hours for everything from eating to exercise to your social life.


But . . . you can spread it out over a longer period of time if it's too much to jam into one day. Over the course of a week, 42% of your time is 70-and-a-half hours. And again, that includes sleep.


So if you sleep seven hours a night, that's 21.5 hours of other relaxation time in a week, or about three hours a day. If you sleep eight hours a night, that's 14.5 hours of other relaxation time. You can squeeze that in . . . right?



Originally posted on August 9th, 2022

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