MORON AWARD: Woman Was Arrested....For Twerking on the Dashboard of a Car

A Woman Was Arrested . . . for Twerking on the Dashboard of a Car


An officer in Michigan was on patrol recently, when he spotted a car behind him with two women . . . and the passenger was "twerking on the dashboard." 


She was "sitting backward . . . not wearing a seatbelt . . . and dancing" up against the dash. So he pulled them over to find out what was going on.


That's when he saw two plastic cups. The driver said they were filled with juice. The cop asked if there was alcohol in the juice, and the driver said YES. Oh and there was also an open bottle of tequila on the passenger side floor.


Both women were ticketed for having open containers in a motor vehicle. It's unclear if they're also facing additional charges. 


 This happened within Belle Isle . . . a huge island park outside of Detroit. So maybe that's why they weren't also hit with DUI. Or maybe that's still coming. 



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