#TRENDING 8/22/22: How Many Years of Life Would You Give Up for Fast Food?

How Many Years of Your Life Would You Give Up for Fast Food?


Everyone knows fast food isn't healthy, but we keep eating it anyway. So here's a question: How many years of your life would you be willing to give up to KEEP eating fast food?


Someone polled over 3,000 Americans, and the average answer was FOUR.


They broke it down by state, and most states were between three and five years. But people in three states would be willing to give up more than a DECADE of their life: Montana, North Dakota, and Hawaii all said TWELVE years.


(That was twice as high as any other state, so maybe their sample size wasn't big enough.)


The lowest average was two years in Alaska, Colorado, Mississippi, and Maine.


The poll also found most people would rather give up alcohol than fast food. And one in four people think eating fast food every now and then actually has health BENEFITS. 


(Drug Genius)


 Originally posted on August 22nd, 2022

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