#TRENDING: You've Heard of "Quiet Quitting" . . . Now "Quiet Firing"

You've Heard of "Quiet Quitting" . . . Now "Quiet Firing" Is Trending


The term "quiet quitting" blew up this month. That's where you don't really quit. You just do less and stop trying so hard.


Now another term is trending: While you're busy quiet quitting, your boss might be QUIET FIRING you. It's not a new trend, just a new name. Other terms for it include "constructive dismissal" and "managing out."


It's when your boss or manager doesn't like you, or wants you gone for whatever reason. But instead of firing you, they micromanage you . . . stop involving you . . . or use passive-aggressive tactics to make your life miserable until you quit.


Someone asked for real-world examples. Here are a few responses they got . . .


1. A person's manager used to slowly reduce the hours of people he didn't like until they were eventually never scheduled.


2. An assistant's desk got moved from an office to the corner of the copy room . . . and the office went to an intern.


3. A manager kept adding more and more to a woman's workload until it was overwhelming. But no one else got additional work. 


(Forbes / BuzzFeed)

Originally posted on August 26th, 2022

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