#TRENDING: How Many Of Us Can't Fir A Car In Our Garage Due To Clutter?

36% of Garages Are So Cluttered That There's No Room for an Actual Car


A garage always starts out as a place for vehicles . . . but over time, a work-bench is added, along with tools, gardening equipment, secondary fridges, Christmas decorations, and more and more boxes of . . . STUFF.


There's a new survey out on garages, and 36% of Americans say their garage is so cluttered, they can no longer park vehicles inside.


And 62% say their garage is the most cluttered space in their entire home.


Just over half, 53%, use their garage as an at-home workshop for DIY projects. Which implies that there's still enough space to walk around, at least.


Not surprisingly, most people would PREFER an organized garage. 90% of people say an orderly garage can make a small garage feel bigger . . . and 85% would take pride in a well-organized and usable garage. 


But 52% of people are NOT satisfied with the way their garage is set up now.


(PR Newswire)

Originally posted on November 2nd, 2022

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